Nov 4, 2010

BodyBalance New Release

While everyone got hyped over the new releases of Les Mills group exercises, I actually gave a damn about it. In fact, for RPM for instance, I prefer to have a mix of the previous releases whereby there'll be great songs from various releases. That, is gonna be a great class.

So one day many weeks ago, while having a drink after a cardio class in Empire, the BodyBalance instructor sat down next to me. God knows why of so many empty seats he had to pick one just next to me. Another female member came over and asked him about the new release.

Member: How was it?

Instructor: VERY..... EASY!

Member: Really?

Instructor: Yeah, no challenge at all. That's why for certain poses, I went for more...

Sometimes, I think, it's okay to give a comment to show how good yourself are. But to make it in a tone as if you're very good, I don't think there's any point to that, in fact, I might've thought it's a bit of a show off too.

Then again, since he's already an instructor, won't wanna say any further.

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Takashi said...

instructors love it when members come forward and challenge them :P hehhee