Nov 26, 2010

Spotted: Hottie

Appearance: 90/100

Physique: 80/100

Manliness: 85/100

Pose: 85/100

Smoking: -400

Total: -50/400

Sorry man, if you saw this. But I don't really like smokers. Don't like the smell, don't like the yellow teeth, don't like the breath, don't like kissing the ash-tray, heck even the cock smells of smoke... So yeah, stop smoking! No matter how fit you are, smoking is the ultimate turn-off.


tuls said...


HIGH 5!!


hahaha.. smoking -400 is so funny!! hahahah

DinoRic said...


Fable Frog said...


Green Bear said...

doesn't smoking should make him sound "smoking hot!" ? LMAO but, kissing ash tray..yak.