Sep 14, 2011

Fat Die Me!

Beau often works late due to the international time zone and all. I mean, I have no idea why he always have to work according to the USA's time, why can't the Americans wake up earlier for once?!

So anyways, more often than not, when he came back from work at 10pm sometimes still not having any dinner yet, he'd be asking if I want to go eat together. I could just say no... but I usually don't, seeing it's actually a time we could spend together, albeit in a food court.

And well, my itchy mouth didn't just stop at talking when we were out for supper, because when he eats, I'd be ordering something for myself too.

So now you tell me? How could I not lose my 6 packs right?

No wonder people get fat after they settle down. LMAO!

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Naughty Prince said...

i agree abit la...