Sep 7, 2011

Sprite + Water

Was waiting for Beau in the lounge when this two guys came down to the bar area as well. Both of them about the same height, same built, same hairstyle, somewhat... and both of them chewing some gums.

One of them sat down on the stool, while the other headed to the drinks counter, taking 2 cups. Had some sprite in it, and poured some more water. To dilute the sweetness of the drink perhaps?

But we all know what... Spouse #1 making a drink for spouse #2. LOL.


Naughty Prince said...

in a gym?

ooi2009 said...

since when u like balding guys

Clayden L. said...

yea it's in the gym.

and i have nothing against balding guys. it's just a process of life. d'oh.