Sep 23, 2011

King of Angry Bird

So we were ordering some chawamushi just as the restaurants were taking their last call. But the waitress didn't seem to do anything after we ordered, and just continued to clean the next table and what nots.

Beau: Did she key in the order?

Clayden: Not sure...

Beau: Okay... if she didn't it's okay la...

Clayden: But they charge later.

Beau: They dare?! I'm the KING of ANGRY BIRD!

Clayden: Whoaaaa! The bomb ah?

Beau: The most superior one that flattens out everything.

Clayden: Then ma can score 3 stars in every level d!

Beau: Of course! But need to purchase that bird seperately. It's an eagle.

Clayden: -.-

The power of cyber games. LOL

1 comment:

Naughty Prince said...

got eagle fr meh???
seldom play it...