Sep 11, 2011

Super Straight

Beau is so... straight sometimes. There was once when we were out in a Japanese restaurant, and when we were about to get the bill, the waiter came to check on our sushi plates. Surprisingly, he didn't record down the amount of plates we took off from the belt, and just jotted down our drinks! Like, that's 13 bucks of sushi!

Beau saw the mistakes and was calling out for the supervisor.

Clayden: Let's go already!

Beau: Hey, no, he forgot to record down the number of plates.

Clayden: That's his problem, we get off free...

Beau: Don't be like that...

After that...

Clayden: We could've gotten free sushi tonight.

Beau: Yer... the waiter have to pay from his salary one.

Clayden: How would anyone know if it's not counted? Not like they will go back and check how many plates were not paid for.

Beau: You got a point there... Hmmm... maybe I should learn to be more sly.

Clayden: Indeed!

Now you know who's the bad guy. LMAO LMAO LMAO!

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