Sep 16, 2011


Clayden: XXX the GX manager?

Beau: Is it? I don't know.

Clayden: Not sure, I guess I saw it from somewhere before.

Beau: Last time very arrogant one.

Clayden: Is it? But now okay wor.

Beau: Now better already. Much much better.

Clayden: How do you know?

Beau: Just heard...

Clayden: She remembers my name even!

Beau: REALLY? How can! She only knows me as Clayden's friend.

Clayden: la la la.

Beau: Ish.


Prince Patrick said...

Hahaha you always like to gossip right....where de bossy loh haha

Naughty Prince said...

at least he know who r u...