Sep 3, 2011

Manwatch 020

My manwatch series are like, so totally out. LMAO. Noticed the serial number? I think I got all mixed up. LMAO.

Anyways, was putting a status on facebook about this guy coming up from the staircase and got me stunned for a moment when he flashed a smile at me. (Actually the lady behind me).

And later on only did Beau told me that, he was one of the BodyJam instructor from long time ago who have stopped teaching... Owhhhhh schweets mama that face of his...

But then... this is all I have of him. This fragmented piece... Shucks that he was walking towards me when I took this photo. LMAO! Didn't dare to take another one. Cuz he was too near! LOL LOL LOL.

1 comment:

Gerry said...

i know who this guy is...i think he's still an instructor..i've seen him in classes in other FF.
He does have a very cute face..haha