Aug 20, 2009

Early Celebration

We didn't celebrate our 2nd and our 3rd anniversary because we were busy and were preoccupied. Him with his proffesional exam and me with my job. Next week onwards, there's more meetings and travelling coming my way. It didn't occured to me that we're coming towards the end of the month again. It's probably coming to the 11th month of our first meeting face to face, I'm not quite sure myself. But it's definitely the time where we'd look back and think, whoa, we happened...

"Dear, are you free on Friday night?" The beau asked me this afternoon.

"Should be okay. Can arrange some time. Why? I thought we're going out on Saturday?"

Knowing so that we'll be hitting the gym together like how we used to before we were even a couple.

"We could use up our Zanmai Sushi voucher... It's expiring remember?"

"Yes. Still a week to go."

"But you'll not be around next weekend..."

And he knows that I would be preoccupied with my work and I had to tend to the old folks' visiting town for a trip before heading over to the Island in the East.


"It's our anniversary remember?"

I just smiled. He remembers.

Two months back we went to Zanmai Sushi for some hearty Japanese meal when we were given this RM10 voucher, expiring on the 31st of August. It was a few times that we mentioned about it, but heading over to the packed One Utama and The Garden just seemed unappealing, let alone Sunway Pyramid which seems so far from both of us nowadays, not to mention the overbearing parking in that mall. Therefore I've been having the voucher in my wallet for the past two months now, and we're using it up tomorrow night.

What a bliss! Our anniversary dinner in a Japanese restaurant. We decided to head over to the Garden as it was of the easiest accessibility despite One Utama being the nearest. Fair enough for me considering the mall in Damansara would be packed on a Friday night. Having said that, yes it's true that the sushi place in the Gardens wouldn't be any better as well. But ah well, Gardens it is then.

4 months down the road. What should I say? I still love him as much, more and more every day. He's who I want to be with. For he has, in all ways, supported me through the hardship and encouraged me when I'm stuffed with predicaments.

And every seconds that I'm still breathing, I'm so glad that we are together.

I love you, my dear.


Evann said...

Awww... you're doing the month-anniversary thing. So sweet. I didn't think they still existed. Keep it up! :)

TZ said...

Hmmm....Dude, maybe i will bump into beau and you ... I'm going to Zanmai The Garden too tonite with my frenz... :p How i recognize you eh! ... blek~

Anyway, have a nice anniversary dinner with your dear eh! :)

Clayden L. said...

wakakaka... stalker #1~


will be wearing green sleeve . ;)

H.A.F.I.Z.i.S.M.A.L said...

nice! enjoy the celebration...

TZ said...

Errrr..... i'm not a stalker. Just wanna to say hello if i bump into you... I don't wanna to be the lamp pose between you and your dear.

Anywhere, I din see anyone wearing green sleeve @ Sushi Zanmai. I saw lotz of people wearing light brown sleeve. :p

Hope u have a good anniversary dinner with your dear eh! ...

Clayden L. said...

we arrived at 7, finished dinner some time around 9. we were sitting at the couple sit deep inside, quite secluded actually. :)