Aug 2, 2009

Shoulda just let me know!

It has been a norm over the past few weeks since I moved house that, I'll walk out to the bus-stop a stone's throw away from my run-down flat, so that the beau wouldn't need to turn into the small rugged lane to pick me up. Being all considerate I am.

Despite being run-down and all, well at least I think it's pretty comfortable after refurnishing and what nots, and well, I'm now closer to the beau. In terms of distance of course.

The other day when we planned to hit town for our usual hanging out in the regular cafe, I was all ready to head out to the bus-stop when I realized it was drizzling. And my first thought would be to give him a call and told him I better stay in and wait for him. But on second thought, why be a sissy when he's been the one driving out and pick me up all these while? And so, I braved myself, sheltering whenever possible and reached the bus-stop in 10 minutes.

That was when I realized I had a miscall from the beau and a text message to which I failed to answer promptly. I called him without hesitant.

"Hey, where are you now? Is it raining at your place?" His unusually concerned voice traveled through before I could say hi.

"No no, I'm already at the bus stop."

"You should've just let me know and I'll come in to pick you up! Is it raining heavily?"

"No no, it was just a drizzle. Where are you now?"

"Be there in 5. See you later."

There was this bout of concern with a tinge of anger. Or that was how I interpreted it. The first time, but I guess it was just out of concern really. We had this talk earlier that we should be straight-forward to each other and not to keep things to ourselves. Therefore, he told me from the start that it is his nature and sometimes, he might be too straight-forward that I would feel hurt. Well, at least he gave me a warning. LOL.

And so, we headed to our regular couch in the city for a lazy Sunday afternoon.

"Are you okay?" I asked.


"Your voice is different. And you sounded as if you have a flu."

"It was the haze. I have sensitive nose."

And now I'm wondering how could I help...


Anonymous said...

Just give him a kiss and be there with him will do. Hehehe... reading your post makes me feel so lonely. :(

By the way, is your blog name taken from a book with the same title?

Evann said...

Kissing in the rain. One of the many things on my to-do list with my other half. You should try it out. Then a hot shower together after. Oooer. :)

Nothing much you can do about the sensitive nose though. Over the counter anti histamines? But getting someone medications without knowledge of their medical history may be dangerous.