Aug 27, 2009

Zanmai Sushi

I extended my hand beneath the table, and reached for the beau's thigh. His muscular quads is wrapped tightly under those jeans. Mmmh... Yummy... And before I knew it, the naughty hand was down around his crotch while he was flipping through the menu, stroking a few strokes with the intention of waking that giant up.

No response. And he continued to ask what I wanted despite me repeating, anything.

I opened his flyer, and slowly let the fingers crawled into the pants, reaching for that treasure. I pulled on the rubber edge of his undies and tried to poke the dragon while stroking on the back of the sleeping monster.

Still no response.

I pulled out the entire shaft, out from flyers beneath the table, and slowly stroke it. Rolling my thumbs over the glans of the penis, pre-cum were secreted soon enough, acting as the lubricants. Slowly, the dragon was finally waking up. It was pulsating under my fingers as I continued to stimulate on the glans.

No response.

When the giant was finally awake, standing erected beneath the table, I stroke it from the terminal of the shaft down to the base, slowly, and slowly increasing the speed.

No response still.

I increased my stroking speed, and I could feel the glans of the penis growing larger, and the pulsation was more obviouse. The beau fidgeted a little, but still trying to keep his cool, pretending not to feel anything.

As I felt the muscle rod contracting, when the milk was just about to be ejaculated, the waiter came. Damn!

Just kidding. LMAO. Dinner in Sushi Zanmai was uneventful, except from the fact that we were placed in small cubicles at the further inner part of the restaurant, just big enough to fit 2 person. Cute cubicle was my first word when we were led there. But the beau was obviously claustrophobic with such a small confinement. Had our dinner and finally left about 2 hours later.


Takashi said...

anticlimax betul....

Evann said...


ichimaru akira said...

suppose to read this earlier. U really potong stim lah.

Anyway,happy anniversary and may u and him be happy always