Aug 5, 2009

On the Sexcited Boy

The beau and I are opening up more day by day.

We did not hook up on Fridae or Gaydar, though I was at some point, hunting for men in there, but alas I decided to give up as most of the men that I went out with ended up with sex and well, nothing further. Not that I didn't enjoy it, I made sure my partner were satisfied with my dick in their asses. So... I stopped hunting and a few months later, the beau happened. And amazingly, not from Fridae or Gaydar.

We dated like how a normal straight boy would to a girl. Went out for supper after our classes, and slowly it progressed to dinners and lunches, and hanging out all day in Starbucks on the weekends, and we made it to the movies, and trips and finally, yeah he proposed, and I accepted.


We were so polite at first that, well, I have to admit that I was not feeling really that all sexed up when I spent time with him. I mean, after all, we had been friends for so long, and never once I seen him naked, not even shirtless, let alone in his underwear. So it only happened in our first trip together that we got naked together on bed... Oh well... parts and parcel of a relationship.

So anyways, there was one night when he drove around town when we missed one junction and we had to drove further up the road to make a big turn so that we could get home. I wasn't sure what put the beau in such a jolly after he withdrew some money from the bank, perhaps he was all sexcited anticipating the hot sexy raunchy rodeo ride that night. And since he was in his chitty chatty mode, he spoke non-stop, yada this yada that.

"We might have to pass through the chickens lane."

"The what?"

"The chickens."

"Oh... Ooh WOOOO!!! Let's go let's go!"

"Whoa whoa! Since when my dear got all sexcited with chicks?"

Hmm... maybe since I haven't had any sexposure for the past one week? LMAO.

And well, if you were expecting detail steps by steps story as to how we progress in bed, perhaps there are more explicit blogs out there. I prefer to be a, hmm, provocative writer. But here's a header, we started off surfing the net, naked.


Takashi said...

u could have shared more than just this rite??? hehehe.. nice writing :)

and my office is in 1U laa... can buzz me anytime kakakaka....

Clayden L. said...

muahahaha... thanks for the compliment! :D although i'll prolly be busy with the beau most of the time. hehehe

Evann said...

...And thus, the sexcapade begins :P

We want a lil bit more details!

pikey said...

More detailsssssssssssss... LOL