Aug 1, 2009

P.S. I Love You

Sometimes it takes a mistake to realise that, the other half that you've been searching for, or maybe waiting for, is just around you. But most often than not, that mistake that you've done, was never reversible. But I guess I should be ever so glad and grateful, for what I let go, came back to me.

To keep the long story short, what started as a meet up in the buffet restaurant more than half a year ago, has now turned into a relationship that I could not find any words to substitute. Three months down the memory lane of what we both never thought would be, we're looking at a future we have no idea of.

Rest assured, I want you to be by my side when I'm there, in the future. And I want to be by your side, no matter how you're doing. Because you are the best thing that happened to me so far. Well, maybe amongst the many best things that happened. But you are, the one that I've been waiting for.

And this shall be an online journal of what we are to each other, for as long as it will be. Because when we're drinking to our 20th year anniversary in 2029, we'll look back at this post and laugh at how childish I was back when I was younger. Oh I know you'll be laughing... Just say cheers now shall we?

P.S. I Love You.


erictbk said...

oh, cheerios~ so you're new here,clay?
thanks for droppin by at my page.. ^^

Kenny Japheth S.C. said... cute

Evann said...

Aww... That's sweet. I feel all warm and fuzzy inside; -like I just swallowed a cat.

Looking forward to see more from your blog. Hey you might be having a huge big ass anniversary bash and we'd all be laughing at the both of you together :D