Aug 6, 2009

Writer's Block


There was one night when I was dancing the fingers away on the keyboard of my lappie when the beau leaned over from his side of the bed, looking at what I was doing. Not that I mind about it, after all monogamy is all about not keeping secrets from each other right? But having said that, we both understand the concept of private space.

Anyways, back to that night, while I was all serious with this wrinkles on my head trying to get the sentences right, the beau just stared at the screen. And I knew there and then that he aws reading as I typed.

Then finally, I turned to him and said, "Writer's block."

"Okay okay, I won't read I won't read... Carry on carry on."

It seemed that since the beau found out about ps I love you, he's been following the blog. Surprised? Not really. He knew that I've had a thing for writing, and well, I guessed I never got the chance to go into some big shot magazines as writers after I graduate. Or perhaps, I failed to write something as lavishly as William Shakespeare...

So here's the thing about why I started blogging. It's a platform for me to write. Perhaps as a fiction story writer. Just that, if you might want to know, the stories revolves around the daily happenings between a real life couple. Attention seeker, you might say. But who cares right? We're all at some point and to some extend. So suck it up and do what you like! LOLZ.

Oh well, the beau seemed to have one new thing to talk about nowadays that I'm writing. While we were on bed that night, and me having the laptop on the bed, he asked me about the blog.

"When's your new post coming up?"

"Why?? I don't have to write everyday right?"

"Of course you have to... You've got eager readers out there waiting to read."

"Yeah? Like who?"

"Mmm... Perhaps your followers on the blog?"

"Look who's talking."

And we ended smooching away. Right after I finished that post.


pikey said...

so sweet.....

Chris said...

welcome to my blog ya.. Now; it;s my time to visit urs.. ;)

Evann said...

Hahahaha!! That is shooo sweet! Correct me if I'm wrong but I'm quite sure he wants you to talk about him more on your blog. Yes?