Aug 3, 2009

How could I care for you??

The beau and I decided to take the weekend off sometime ago for our anniversary. We haven't had much time for trips and we've wanted to since the longest time ever. Well, partly it was due to myself. I was tied down with the work and dateline and ugh. So when the Queen of Narnia finally approved my leave for Friday and Monday, we took off driving to some UNESCO site 4 hours away.

See, the beau isn't that much of a guy who fall sick easily. Having been avid gymmer, the both of us, or so I thought I am, we're out of bound from being down with fever or flu. Well, perhaps I'm the weaker one between us both. So that day when he came to pick me up from my place, I noticed he looked terrible, and tired.

"Are you alright?"

"Yeah yeah I'm fine, why?"

"You don't look fine. Are you sure you can drive?"

"Of course... just a bit of dry throat... but that's all. Don't worry dear."

We made it to our booked hotel that night. After having our dinner and some dramas not-worth mentioning at this Chinaman stall, we headed back to our room. I didn't know what to do. The beau was tired and looked exhausted. I mean, well it's natural to be tired from driving long distance, but he looked extremely worn out. It wasn't long before I think he's down with fever. He finally admitted that he was too. Stubborn man he was.

That night, I stayed up while looking at this man sleep. We opened the window instead. Not the policy of the hotel, but who cares. He was sleeping all so soundly on bed. I had him this children fever cooling bad that I got from the convenient store downstairs. On and off while I was chatting away with my cousin overseas, I turned to look at the man I love all so dearly.

"I'll be the good boy tonight then." He smiled when I came back into the room with the pad earlier.

"Be a good child and rest early." I said.

I was clueless as to how I could help. I don't know what medications to get him, and even if I know, I wouldn't know where to either. This place isn't exactly my territory... The cousin told me to just let him rest. He probably was just down with mild bouts of fever, and will be up and about the next day if he sweats that night.

True enough, he sweated pail underneath the comforter. And we spent the rest of our holidays in heaven...


erictbk said...

That's so sooo wiiiiiitttt... ^^
it's not the outcome of how you can help sometimes, it is how the way and how much it is from your heart, though it is a little tiny thing that u can do for one... ^^

savante said...

Hope he's doing better now!

Evann said...

He sweated a pail under the comforter alone? Are you sure you weren't under there sweating with him as well? :P

Oooh, naughtay!

Takashi said...

u shud get a chatbox honey.. then i can spam it all over lol..!!

Clayden L. said...

Eric, thanks :)

Savante, he's doing better.

Evann... he was all sweaty lar... i dun feel like doing anything underneath. lols

Takashi, even the more that I don't want to. :P