Feb 22, 2010


I guess I should stop telling the beau I'm cruising. :(

Apparently, I think he's finally getting jealous that I cruised other men, and telling him that I was cruising. But I thought it's better that he knows I'm washing my eyes with handsome men of my type, rather than him finding me having my eyes locked at some hot men and not telling him I'm just cruising.

A few weeks ago I went to Starbucks alone as he needed to run some errands for his mum. So I picked a cornered spot and went online. He reached home after a while and saw me online.

"You're home now?"

"Nope. In Starbucks."


"Nolah! No one to cruise."

"No hottie meh?"

"Nope. Just some old uncles talking like it's their house."

"Get them uncles to buy you drinks lor."


Maybe I think too much.

As how my friend put it, love shouldn't be difficult.

Love you dear. You know I always do.


Takashi said...

yes.. i agree love shouldnt be difficult.. how nice if its sweet like u two.. hahaha

nicky05 said...

you should answer yes ma......XD

KenT said...

You know the relationship's going okay when none of you need to try tat hard to stay in it.

p/s: try to cruise less lah adui! haha =)

Paul J said...

hou sam lei dont so notti lah...haiyohh