Feb 5, 2010

Easy Step

Our gym introduced Easy Step as a stepping stone for those who wanna get into freestyle steps. It's not like we're new to Steps anyways. The beau used to be on intermediate level, while I've been on the beginner-intermediate stage. But now that the Easy Steps is introduced, they've assimilated all the Beginner Freestyle Steps into intermediate level, meaning the difficulty level is more.

But as compared to beginner steps, Easy Steps is like way wayyyyyy easier.

Nevertheless, the beau and I go to one class every week, just for the fun of it and to sweat, as the class is non-stop for 45 minutes, so it's a guaranteed that our shirts are gonna get wet.

But the thing is, we only do the steps and not the conditioning at the end.

One day, the gay instructor came out after the class ended to greet us at the drinking bar.

"Why don't want to do conditioning?" He asked.

"Don't like lah." The beau joked.

"Yalah yalah, I know you guys are strong lah. But still need the conditioning mar." The instructor replied jokingly.

After he left, I repeated the last sentence to the beau, imitating the instructor's high pitched voice.

The beau sweat even more. LOL


Takashi said...

i need to do steps more...

Paul J said...

put 3 levels........aahahhaa. i miss my step class T.T ... when return back...wanna step kao kao!!