Feb 20, 2010

Kris Allen...

... Is so hawt!

But too bad the beau's against the idea of hitting Mid Vally on Monday because the bloody jam. T.T I guess he's right in so many ways. I shudder at the thoughts of the jam as well. Ugh. Why is it that traffic jams happen?!

I'm in love with Kris in so many ways. Like, he's so super HOT! And his voice is so soultry and such an ease to the ear. He's such a nice manly next door kinda guy. Plus, I love his album!

But knowing me, I'll TRY MY BEST to remember him for the next one year. Haha. I'm such a slutty music lover I change my favourite artistes every month. LMAO.

1 comment:

Bravebear said...

YES!!! He is HAWT!!!!!