Feb 3, 2010

Condom Shop

We were out in the mall last weekend when we came across a sex shop. In Malaysia! Not the first, there were a few branches around, but I've never been into one.

"Look, sex shop!"

"Haha. Go in lah."

"Sure ah?"

"Yeah, why not?"

But he wasn't buldging.

"I dare you."

"Bring it on."

"Go in lah."

"Come lah."

He wasn't buldging still!

So in the end, I walked in first.

Whoa! Tenga cups!


the happy go lucky one said...

but why do u need that artificial tenga, when u can have better one? :P

Takashi said...

there are plenty..


nicky05 said...

Lol.....Buy some condoms lo....don't come out with empty hands.....:P

Bravebear said...

lols.... the daring part is hilarious... hahaha!

pikey said...

Hmmmm.. Tenga cups eh... perhaps will check it out with Bear.. muahahahaha.