Feb 25, 2010

Orange Skin

There was once that I ate mandarin oranges that I bought inside the car WHILE I was driving. *smiling proudly* And I wasn't involved in any accident *touch wood*, though I know the beau most probably would just shake his head when he reads this.

But peeling the mandarin oranges while driving would mean that I was probably too busy to pick up the bits of skins falling off the laps in between the thigh at the crotch, or probably fall off to the sides of the seat.

So after a few days, when the beau came into the car and notices some orange skin at the brake handle, he went WHOA!

"My dear so dirty!"

Bleh. :P



any sperm stains?

the happy go lucky one said...

thats very dangerous!

Takashi said...

tsk tsk tsk..

Clayden, do you know it is an offense to eat while driving? The saman is RM300, no discount. :)