Feb 11, 2010


We were heading back after we dropped off our friend in Ampang last weekend when the talk came up. Can't remember what drove into the sauna talk but it certainly triggered some tingling balls.

"So you wanna go ah?"

"No-lah. I'm not that kinda person. I never even been to any private sauna, other than the one in the gym."

"Very dark one wor."

"Then? What happened inside?"

"People touch touch you, and bring you to the rooms..."

"But it's very very dark?"

"The dark room is like that mar. Can't even see your own hands."

"But how to walk la like that?"

"Feel on the wall lor."

"Eeee... I sure trip one."

"So have to feel using hands lor whether the person is fat or thin."


"So I won't have any business lor then?"

"Sorry to say."

Double T.T



any indirect "fat" entry? :)

Takashi said...

yep.. u just feel the walls.. and when a person is standing there, u just feel across his body to move on..

yep, hands will be all over the place.. opeople touch u front,side, back , up, down...

Willy said...

Opsss...hahaha...i smell de word "fat" all over hahaha

Paul J said...

wahh...takashi..very expert horr..