Feb 10, 2010


Was at Mid Valley last weekend when we chanced across this free health awareness thingy organized by UM. We both know we're healthy, we work out regularly, we don't smoke, we just drink occasionally, maybe slightly more than that, but otherwise, I think we're healthy.

I personally think the BMI calculation is bull. I mean, how could you bloody tell me I'm overweight when my weight is purely made up of muscles and bone density? Stupid right? Just because I'm not tall enough to compensate my weight, doesn't mean I'm fat. Stupid girl.

So we headed to the fitness level check ups. Bloody hell I was told my fitness level is below average, because my heart beats more than 100 times per minute after 3 minutes stepping up and down of a 12 inch stool. My baseline was 66 times per minute, of course after exercise it'll rise. But to say my fitness level is below average? What bull is it? I work out 6 days a week, and I'm definitely much healthier than all those bellied doctors. That's for sure.

I'm not satisfied. Urgh!

But the beau begged to be differ.

He said I'm just fat. And he asked me to accept the fact.



Paul J said...

aaaaaaahahahahhaa....did u do the body mass / composit analysis, like the 1 eric did? the correct time to measure body composit is early morning once you wake up


well, maybe its time for u to work out more on the bed~ haha :P

Anonymous said...

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the happy go lucky one said...

hmm actually BMI is not so accurate in indicating a person's fitness level. the more accurate one would b those body fat percentage (or visceral fat percentage).
as for the pulse (heart beat per second) normal rate when one is relaxed is around 60-80 beats/s and increase when one is active. however there r some athletes who have below average pulse, that explains! having said that, one have to b athletic for a very long period of time in order to have that kinda pulse, otherwise u r fit, but not as fit as those athletes.

Anonymous said...

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Calvin @ Bien said...

Just ..keep it up...n take it as a challenge if ppl say u fat...way I'm doing now...it's work n Im lean now...

Bravebear said...

when i was in secondary school I got my pulse checked. They told me my pulse was below average and they were shocked. LOL! That was years ago. hmm... gotta work out more :p

Takashi said...

ask the PT to give u do inbody.. thats very accurate...