Feb 2, 2010

Happy Hour

The beau was telling me about the plans that his single colleagues were having. Something about happy hour after work, drinking the night away in some bars. Apparently, only the singles do that.

So one day I joked.

"You tell them you're not single anymore lor, cannot go happy hour, need to go dating."

"Hmmm... good idea hor."

"Say you have a girl friend and wanna go pak-tor."

"Or say, my BOYfriend scold me lah."


"Then the whole office will hoo-hah."


Lydia said...

haha...if ur beau really says tt, i think it will be fun to see the reactions of his colleagues...maybe some will be as open-minded as me and say, got pic or nt arh? LOL...

Takashi said...

somehow i dont believe and i dont like people to lie about their pref :)