May 17, 2010


One night after dinner in Bangsar Village, Beau was asking me what did I want to do...

"Don't know. Wanna go hiao in Celebrity Fitness?"

"What? Why would you wanna do that?"

"Just so. Pretend you wanna join, see their facilities a bit and walk around inside."

"You wanna join CF?"

"I'm a happy FF member."

"Yalor. Then why wanna go CF?"

"To hiao lar!"

Beau narrowed his eyes.




Takashi said...

Betul betul sampat.!!


Paul Figaro J said...

Perfect example of sek bao mou ye zou!!
Come 38 at penang cf lah

Paul Figaro J said...

wanna kapzai say kapzai lah, see the facilities konon!!

freddiewee said...

haha...damn hiao lo u...

Skyhawk said...

You want TF temp membership or not? Must be hiao and thinking of kup-zai!