May 27, 2010

Gay Instructor (?)

One fine day after our RPM class in the gym, we were totally beat and were sitting at the couch. There was this super hot Malay private trainer leaning against the pillar not far from us and was trying to catch a glimpse of us. Not sure if he was looking at me or the beau, but as to why I say he was trying to peek at us, because whenever I looked at his direction to admire his beautiful body, he'd turn away.

So I teased the beau.

The instructor was checking you out.



He's gay?

I don't know. Maybe. But he was checking you out just now.

Maybe he's checking on you more. You have more potential to become his client ma. Coz you're fatter.



Skyhawk said...

Ada udang di sebalik batu..trisome!

Mr.D said...

that's cute banter. me like.