May 5, 2010


One night while we were in the gym, me joining the BodyStep cardio class while the beau did his weights, I noticed my posture looked different in the mirror. I'm not exactly those who fancy my own body and I always thought I looked quite unglamorous, which was why I never stand in front or next to the mirror in the studio. But sadly, that night the only available space was just near to the giant mirror at the side of the studio.

Subsequently, I finished the class and came out to see the Beau sitting on the couch outside.


What, I did 1 whole hours of weights you know.

I was really wondering. It's not like I didn't watch my posture. I did everything in neutral position as how you've taught me, but then, how come my butt looked as if it was sticking out?

Beau sniggered.

Because you got a big butt.


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the happy go lucky one said...

nice what, perky butt is sexy :P