May 11, 2010

Changing Gender

It seemed like nowadays a lot of the heterosexual couples, the boyfriends are helping the girlfriends to take their handbags, and they'd happily sling those extra big bag over their shoulder, God knows how many packets of condoms they have inside.

So while we were going down one escalator one night, the beau made a funny remark after he said guys nowadays like to help their girlfriends to take their handbag.

"Come I help you take yours."

I stared at him, "Eh! I'm a girl meh?!"

I must've over-reacted cuz the couple in front turned around and looked at us. Beau laughed out loud.

"No lah, I help you take. Younger one help the older one to take their bag one."

"EH! I'm not SOOOOO old okay!"



Willy said...

hahahaha...ur beau so de old ones carry their bag ..HAHA

blue said...

i wrote about the baggie thing too .. haha..

Calvin @ Bien said...

so good...ur beau offer to help u take bag...mine need to ask "can u help me, plzzz" then he oni will die die help me to take it...issh...jeles ni...

Bradley Hyunckel said...

bwahahahaha...why dont u help each other?u take mine,i carry yours

Takashi said...

I look down upon guys who carry their gf bags.

'nuff said.