May 15, 2010

Private Structure

We walked passed a Private Structure shop one day, gosh their underwear are so damn beautiful! Like, so much more than my CK! And I just couldn't help staring a bit longer at them underwears, only to have the shop assistant looking up from behind the counter and saw me staring into the shop while the beau waited for me just one step ahead.

When I saw the assistant looking at me, I quickly walked away.

"Nice undies."

Beau pretended not to hear.

"Guess what the guy in the shop would be thinking?"


"These two gay couple..."


Like seriously, how many straights do you know that wear PS??



huh?!? i think should have...

Paul Figaro J said... matter how fancy and beautiful PS undies, CK still my prefered and official underwear..hehe...

simonlover said...

Haha...True. What i will always say to the Horny BF.."You see, sei gay lou(s)"..Hahaha..In a good intentions lar of cuz!

kidz said...

Simon... how could "sei" be "in good intentions" ??