May 19, 2010


We were at Seoul Garden in OneU one weekend. It was a all-you-can-eat buffet restaurant, serving mainly beef, chicken and some seafood. We were sitting in the same table when Beau first brought me there about one year ago. Memories alright, the first time I did prawn for him as a couple.

Anyways, Beau cooked some squid in the soup and asked me if I wanted one.

"Don't want. I'm not sotong." (sotong = trans)


The next thing that Beau took was crab.

"Don't want. I don't eat crap."



"So what do you eat? You eat beef because you're beefy."

"YESH! And I eat chicken because I'm a chicken."




did u eat lala then? :P

rotiboy said...

LOL at ur post..

then LOL at Leu's comment

interesting LOL

Skyhawk said...

L2, I think the same kind don't eat Sotong don't eat as!