May 3, 2010


Beau was looking for a new shoes because all his shoes were either cracking or the sole decided to fall of. It's time for new shoes after all, since all his collections of shoes go back as far as 5 years back. So we were heading towards Adidas in e@Curve when the first exclamation out from my mouth was, "Oh my God! So drama!"

Don't you think so?

Beau finally got one much less drama as compared to the one I pointed out. Some training shoes apparently, which would allow him to do weights, RPM and Steps. Otherwise, he'll have different shoes from Nike for different class even I also get confused sometimes.

Maybe it's time for me to get one too? Mine's 2 years old now. :P


Paul Figaro J said...

there is no such shoes for all.
I got 1 for RPM (SPD shoes), 1 for Step, 1 for Combat, and 1 for workout and Pump. so at least must have 4, so go and buy!!

Clayden L. said...

youre aa shoe freak cum gym freak! :P

Calvin @ Bien said...

clay:good comment to paul...
Mine even worst, jus a running shoe to use for all purpose....hahaha, n it's more than 3yrs old...:p