Apr 12, 2010

Ugly Butt

Headed to a shopping mall with the beau last night. We were looking for a parking lot when I spotted one. But the beau didn't went in.

How come you don't wanna park there just now?

Don't want.


You saw the other car's butt or not?

Yea, just the bumper only what, not like he's go
nna bump you or anything.

Don't want.

Whyyy... you don't like ugly butt is it?

Of course. Would you?



the happy go lucky one said...

unless there r plenty of sparking spaces around, then i might want to reconsider, or else i will just heckcare and park in lor :)

rotiboy said...

lol so random...

Calvin @ Bien said...

hmmm...although it's blur, but i think the parking lot is very familiar...hmm..is it 1u? or KLCC??? hmm...realy really look familiar...hmmmcan u solve my curiousy? kekekekeke