Apr 18, 2010

Spotting the Ex-classmate

I have no idea what's gotten into me lately.

First I thought I saw a glimpse of my old classmate in the gym. But I avoided lingering around in the locker and quickly headed to the toilet until he was gone.

The following week, I bloody saw him coming out from BodyJam while I was talking to another BodyJam-er. Like, what?! He's a member?!

I know there's nothing wrong about joining gym. Heck we were classmates and we're somewhat still acquainted, although I never keep in touch with him anymore. I mean, he's got his group of hunks to hang out with, I got my group of gays to fool around with. We don't actually mix around anymore.

But what I'm not really comfortable is, he's gay, and he joins the class right before the class that I join.

So somehow, we'll be bumping into each other a lot from now on.

Ugh. I wish he switch to Celebrity Fitness, it's flooded with gays no?


Evann said...

You're not comfortable cuz he's gay and he goes to gym? Hmm... I'm afraid that that's how the way it works hun.

Paul Figaro J said...

i still can't figure out what's wrong with that....Evann, can you enlighten me?

kidz said...

Is it like he into you or you were once into him or he into ur bf etc..? being gay somehow the possibilities seems so much more =p

Anonymous said...

Guys, nolar.... I think he just don't want to get to know him because it would entail saying hi every time.
Am I right?