Apr 4, 2010


There was this one night where we went to this restaurant of buffet style whereby we would be entertained by some local dances and what nots. The dinner cost about 30 per head, but the varieties of food were endless.

Beau asked me earlier on whether I could eat a lot that evening, to think that I did when we usually went to buffet style dinner in KL, I thought I should be able to eat up what's worth the price. So we headed to the restaurant and started ordering.

Who knew, after the first round, while we were savouring our second round of food, I finally raised the white flag.

Me: Semi-raw food will cause bloatedness?

Beau: Not really, why?

I took the semi-cooked beef...

Not really the cause.

Maybe the drink.

You had ice-cream before your meal.


But you usually could eat a lot.

I know... My tummy became smaller.


That's why I'm slimmer now compared to last time.


Beau choked.


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the happy go lucky one said...

lolll... but which restaurant is that?