Apr 5, 2010

Extra weight

I don't know why, but there had been a lot of constructions going on around my place, lots of detours and new small lanes with lots of stupid 7 inches bumps so high that any cars would have their bottoms scratched.

So when the beau sent me back from dinner one night, we came to this bump and he slowed down, trying to drive over the bump slowly diagonally so as not to cause any scratch beneath the car.

Beau: If got scratch then I know who is the cause.

Me: What!

Just now when I came no scratch one lor. If now got scratch that only could mean the extra weight from you lor.

*Pouts lip* Yeeeeeeee

Thank God though, there was no scratch.


Evann said...

You know, you often make yourself sound like you're some person who's almost overweight... but I have a feeling that you're a lean, mean, super-hottie. Hahahah, just a hunch.

Calvin @ Bien said...

Haha,ur Beau got the right point...but maybe ur Beau gain weight after lunch/dinner :p

Lucas said...

Haha, that was such a cute comment :)

Hmm... I'm thinking along the lines of Evann... ur probably just being modest.