Apr 20, 2010


"What do you wanna do now?"

It was just sometime after 830 after our dinner in the Curve on a Friday night. We had no plans, too short a time for movies as the Beau needed to leave early to fetch his sister from the airport. So we walked around in the Street and I voiced out my cravings to munch something despite our dinner in the Laksa stall.

"What do you wanna eat?"

"Don't know ler..."

"Aiyor... How come you don't know one..."

We walked around aimlessly until the Beau suddenly brightened up.

"Do you like ice cream and drink?"

"Uh... Okay... What do yo
u mean?"

"Ice cream in the drink one."

"Uhhh... a float?"

"Ya ya ya!"


Beau was so excited, like the little kid in the next table. He craved for a float since so long ago, that he ordered a LARGE one, only to know it was REALLY LARGE. LOL.



i love rootbeer too~ yummy :)

KenT said...

Hmm 'Beau' is about my size huh?

Calvin @ Bien said...

yeah, i love it too :)
next time we drink it together lo :p hehehehe