Apr 8, 2010

No More SpyCam

Beau read the post of mine about the photos I took of the muscular guy in the gym, and boy, he was really unhappy about it. So one night he confronted and asked me to stop all these kind of nonsense.


I don't want things to happen to you.

The worst that could happen would probably be me being hit.

And smashed in the face.

So I asked, does that mean, no more cruising at all?

Can, of course still can cruise. But don't take any photos lar.

But how to share if I don't take pictures, SECRETLY?

I emphasised on the the last word.

But at least don't publish it out like that.

Maybe I should just chop off their

Like that still okay, but still.

Headless picture could be anyone right?

Yes... But...

I'll chop off their heads.

So here. Look at those veins on his arms!



continue la~

Paul Figaro J said...

your beau's arm?

Clayden L. said...

@L2: the skankies group together. lmao.

@paul: :P

Clayden L. said...

@L: haha the skanks group together eh? LOL

@Paul: Hehehehehhehe :P

kidz said...

nice arm... sure looks yummy... =p


108 Destiny Star said...

without the head,incomplete package...

Anonymous said...

Interesting blog. Please post up more stuff... I will use some of your musings for a bit of writing I will be doing...