Apr 7, 2010


Beau looked stunned at the over-sized lady standing in front of us.

When we finally got our fast food and properly seated, I poked him.

"You're so bad!"

"What! It's BIIIIIIIIG!!!!"

And we both laughed.

No no no, I swear, I'm not trying to make fun of big sized people. Heck I am fat myself. But not as fat lar, my butt cheeks are individually half the butt cheeks of the lady. But seriously, I think some things need to be taken seriously, especially when it was regarding our health.


kidz said...

do u sincerely care for her health? or it is just a comment to make urself less guilty =p (i mean normally i wud do that too to cover up the mean things i say..)

but still... u guys are bad.. =p


i agree, overweight is not good !!!

rotiboy said...

hurm.. likewise underweight is not good too.. (looking at myself)