Apr 10, 2010

Married Couple

We saw another couple in the shop the other day. Pretty much of the same attributes, not exactly my type. Too skinny for my likings. So we walked around their table, not deliberately, we were looking for a table. So we finally settled down with one outside the premise at the corridor.

The other couple were done with their dinner I presume. They were just sitting there and smoking.

And they have a dog. A poodle was it?

Not sure how the beau felt. He knows my hands are deadly. All my plants died, how could any animals survived then. He himself doesn't fancy the idea of having to take care of another little living thing when he has one so big already. LMAO.


Calvin @ Bien said...

I so wish I kena spot by u, but very unfortunately, U don't stand a CHANCE!!! hahaha....


haha, if you cant take care of the animal... better dont buy it ok?

give them a chance to live :P