Apr 2, 2010

Amazing Trip

Seriously, I think everyone should NOT go to Cambodia. Just kidding. Haha.

We enjoyed ourselves in Angkor definitely. Hired a guide and went into the temple complexes almost every day for 3 consecutive days. But too bad, we didn't catch any golden sunsets on sunrises. Woke up late on the second day due to you know what, and third day had no sun coming up. Sunsets were pretty much invincible as well because on the first evening, it rained; on the second we left too early because the sky was quite dark at noon we thought it would rain, but who'd have guessed, when we came out for dinner that evening, the whole sky in Siem Reap was golden yellow. Wathefuck! Haha.

Otherwise, we headed to the market, bought some vegetables just for the sake of it, and went to the only minimart in town to watch some local talent show competition which the first prize was a small hamper with 1 bottle of Coke and several pack of crackers. Sad huh?

Well, if you ask me why hadn't we gone up to Phnom Penh, after all, that's where all the gruesome heart of Pol Pot regime and what nots, we thought we'd give it a go. The beau has 6th sense. LMAO!

But nevertheless, it was a damn good trip! Off from our bloody work. And having time for ourselves again. No internet, no facebook, no Farmville. WAKAKAKA.

Okay, no farmville was probably a lie. Beau's far far ahead of me now. Hmph!


blue said...

eaten the fried spiders and insects d?

simonlover said...

Happy that u enjoyed ur trip! Any pretty cambodian guys?! Tsk tsk...