Mar 28, 2010

Honeymoon in Cambodia

Flying off to Cambodia for the ??th honeymoon with the beau. LOL. Not exactly some romantic place, but can't really afford anything romantic like that of Hawaii or Morocco with my meagre income. So, Angkor Wat on the sunset and sunrise it is. :D

But of course, it's not gonna always be as picture perfect as the photo I stole here. Either way, I think it's gonna be a great trip. Will be there for 5 days. Gonna go around Angkor for 3 days, and just hang out in town for some free and easy activities. None of us been there before anyways. LOL. First time to the Indochina! Woot!

Matta fair gave quite a good offer. Was contemplating whether to get the package for Halong Bay or Angkor, but lastly decided for Angkor. A friend of mine said it's breath-taking. Can't wait!

Flying off in 2 hours!


Paul Figaro J said...

you'll meet with Merlin once you come back.

Anonymous said...

hahaha don be so overconfident. cambodia has got wifi too. :P


the happy go lucky one said...

wish u guys have a lovely honeymoon there kekeeeke

rotiboy said...

safe journey~ have fun!

blue said...

halong bay is great too! Have a great time :)