Mar 3, 2010

Single Movie Goer

We went for movies last weekend. Decided to buy the seats with one single seat seperating us from the other occupied seats, just so that we somewhat have some space between ourselves and the other couple on the other side.

As the movie was about to start, we were just wondering if the singular seat would be taken. It seemed that the cinema hall were getting pretty crowded.

And I said, "No lah, I don't think there'll be anyone who will come here alone and sit here... Who'd be so pathetic one leh?"

One minute later, a Malay girl pardoned herself and sat her butt right next to me in that single seat.

I looked at the beau, "Wah, really got people come to watch movie alone one..."

Ironically, we were watching Valentine's Day...


pikey said...

How was the movie? Is it recommended?

nicky05 said... can the girl,date couple too....XD

Willy said...

wah....ill never ever go watch movie alone...i bet u & ur beau enjoyed the movie ALONE hahaha

Calvin @ Bien said...

no worry, u won't happen and never get a chance to watch movie alone :p