Mar 6, 2010

Failed PR

Was walking towards the toilet one day when I saw a glimpse of two guys I had on my Facebook. I didn't walk up to them as they were heading off somewhere, I think. And partly because I was really going to wet my own pants. So yeah, I didn't say 'hi'.

Me: Guess who I saw just now?

Beau: Who?

The other sugar gang on Facebook, as how Ichimaru put it.

Bear and salmon?


Really? Where where?

They walked off somewhere.

So you said hi?



They were going somewhere I think.

Eee... Lame excuse!

What? I'm shy mar...




nicky05 said...

hahaha...where you saw them...XD

KenT said...

bear and salmon?? who who??

Bravebear said...

HAR!!! OMG... hmm toilet? The curve?

ichimaru akira said...

hahhaha. So i have created a new slang ah?

Mum would have been proud

Lucas said...

Lol.. u shud have said hi! then it would be... Sugar meets Sugar! :)

pikey said...

Har? Which area you saw us?

Takashi said...