Mar 5, 2010

12.5 Facts about Clayden

12.5 Clayden is actually a Buddhist. But he burns josstick at Kuan Yin Temple as well.

11. He is born in Hong Kong to a Malaysian mixed race father and a Chinese mother while his daddy was working there.

10. He actually studied in Malaysia since primary one. He had been staying with his aunt while both his parents remained in Hong Kong.

9. He discovered he likes to look at men at the age of 15. Hunky men. Hunky muscular men.

8. But he only had his first sex at the age of 19. With a lecturer. In Kuala Lumpur. It wasn't really a ONS, he went back to the lecturer for 2 more times after that before they totally lost contact.

7. He never been to a sauna. Not the private ones operating independantly in town. This piece of information is swear-my-heart true. As itchy as his heart wanted to explore the experience of visiting a sauna, he just never thought he'd actually do it.

6. He wasn't really against chem sex. In the sense that, he actually tried chem sex once before.
However, he didn't quite enjoy it. In contrary to what Viagra is suppsed to do, he thought it didn't took effect on him because he wasn't able to get his little Clayden to erect, and he ended up having a vayeurism experience, watching 3 other couples fucking each others' brains out. Which brings me to...

5. He also tried orgy before. The same occasion where he was given the Viagra for chem sex. But since little Clayden just refused to get erected, Clayden got quite a bad impression of orgies, even up till right before he married the Beau. Therefore, do not ever invite him for any orgies, he hates orgy in fact.

4. But as mentioned in (6), those were all in the past before he settled down with the Beau.

3. The beau is Clayden's first and only boyfriend.

2. And all these stuff, the Beau already knows.

1. Because to Clayden, the beau is the one and only.



love the very 1st fact-

1. Because to Clayden, the beau is the one and only.

:) sweet

gay@dilemma said...

its diabetic!!!!!

anyway, beau must be someone really special in clayden's heart...maybe more than clayden himself..

rotiboy said...

sweet2 =))

the happy go lucky one said...

i think sooner or later some of us can get diabetic attack lor.
i think the viagra has to b taken way before the 'rest'. anyway its not important anymore since u r now happily attached to beau heheee...

ichimaru akira said...

"Msian pharmacies had reported that their stock of insulin have ran dry.Its is believed that the cause of this shortage is due to the many ppl who found love and started to spread their love in Facebook,Twitter and Blogspot.

The Gov. had advised those singletons to stay away from the said sites."

Quoted from Ichi Daily

blue said...

i will not be jealous of u..i definitely wont!

Willy said...

very sweet