Mar 12, 2010

My Arrmmmmssss

Beau's gonna laugh and rolled on the floor over and over and over again. Yes this is my arm, just wanna show you how "hot" I could be. In the future. HAHAHAHA.

Was doing biceps 2 days ago, did 5 reps of 12 times each on both arms, well, of course on just 7.5lbs only. But after that I must've done too little stretching that the accumulation of the lactic acid is killing me now.

I can't extend my arms after I flexed it. It hurts a lot. I had to slowly extend it, clenching my teeth while I tried to bear with that soreness. Ouch!

No more biceps for the whole week. That's how long it's gonna take to heal.

Luckily my pecs doesn't hurt, else I'm only left with back butt and legs. LOL.


Paul J said...

7.5lbs?? u sure is lbs not kg?? u know how light is 7.5 lbs or not?? like that if u do body pump class u ma no need to walk whole week jor!


why armpit no hair de? u shave?

rotiboy said...

@L², lol good catch at the armpit lol

ichimaru akira said...

Sexy betul

Takashi said...

good.. all the best.. lol.. im doing 32.5lbs for biceps and 45lbs for tricep with dumbbell..