Mar 23, 2010

Fat Model

I admit, I'm not exactly those underwear models with washboard abs or big solid muscular chest. I'm just plain fat. I've got flabby skin tugged away under my chin. Yeah, I'm THAT fat. No really, I'm not lying to you.

Anyways, while the beau was away last 2 weeks, we were chatting on MSN. It was night over here.

Clayden: It's raining here.

Beau: Really? Good lor, cooling, no need to be naked.

No wor, I'm naked wor.

REALLY??? Not wearing anythng at all?

Got lah. Wearing Calvin Klein's undies.

Oh, the type with the string one ah?

No no, I'm wearing brief. Just a tight shorts, very short type.

Wah, how come I never seen one? Next time show me lah. Do an underwear fashion show for your dear.


1 comment:

nicky05 said...

OMG!!!!...What fashion is that??...:p