Mar 8, 2010

New Pants

Beau: What's your waist dear?

Me: xx. Why?

Can you wear xx?

Of course!

Sure or not?

Sure lah, you think I so fat ah?

Haha. Okay okay, see lor later if you can wear or not.


My Sis coming back from US, I asked her to buy 3 Levi's for me. So if you can fit I give one to you lah.

Eeee really ah?

If you can fit lor.

Cheh... Sure can... I go diet first.




haha, good luck for the dieting

nicky05 said...

Hahaha..if you cant fit, let me try, may be i can...:p

Bravebear said...

I sure can.. gimme gimme...

Takashi said...

im a 29.. and damn you cannot find anything less than 30 in the US..

And their XS.. is like.. wat.. M to us????

Clayden: u sure can fit!!!!