Mar 1, 2010

Skipping Gym

There is this class that Fitness First introduces called Easy Step. It's somewhat an introductory class for the members who are not familiar with freestyle steps. So it's pretty much super boring to the beau and I since we've been joining intermediate freestyle steps all these while.

Considering both our uncertain working time and all, it's very rare that we could attend any steps class together anymore since most of the ones that we usually go to are the earlier classes. The only steps class that we could attend nowadays would probably be the Easy Steps in the Curve, which is kinda boring. Therefore, after a few times, we started to get bored.

The only thing that we like about the class would probably be that it's a non-stop cardio class that would guarantee some sweating. So after quite some time off from gym due to the long line of dinners with friends, we finally thought of going to the Easy Step in the Curve since we haven't been there for a while.

So, while waiting for the Beau to be off work, I walked around the mall. Alone. Paid a visit to the pharmacy to get some condoms and lubes when the Beau called. "Am stuck in the jam, you go get your dinner first okay?"

It was merely an hour before the class started. We usually would have our dinner before heading for the class, because it would be too late when the class is over. But since he was stuck in the jam, there's no way we could have our dinner together.

So I went ahead with my dinner, hoping he would make it in time for some light dinner before we go into the class. And amazingly, he did! Just roughly half and hour before the class.

15 minutes to the class, we finally left the kopitiam and walked into the gym, happily get the towel from the front counter, and headed up the staircase. Then, lo and behold.

I waited for him to come up at the staircase.

"We've got a problem. It's not Easy Steps. It's Bodystep tonight."

"What? But the internet said it's Easy Steps."

"Dunno. But it's stated there. See?"

It's indeed Bodystep. Somehow the schedule in the internet wasn't updated. Ugh.

"I can't do Bodystep. We just had dinner."

"I know... how?"

You tell me, how? We usually go to Easy Steps despite having had our dinner because it wasn't as vigorous as Bodystep. But Bodystep requires a LOT of jumping, while EasySteps NONE.

In the end, we walked out from the gym, returning our towels unused. Weights at that time around isn't ideal, Fitness First is getting super crowded nowadays. T.T


Paul J said... could u skip body step?!!! it's so much fun!!! I never miss body step class...well, unless i'm not in Penang abt non stop cardio...try RPM then continue with body step....sure stim hahaha...

the happy go lucky one said...

u guys are really gym bunnies!

Takashi said...

Fitness First super crowded? I dont see much crowd.. I think Celebrity beats FF hands down in this department..

Celebrity is like pasar malam at evenings! Want to walk also susah!