Mar 11, 2010

The Death of Clayden's Memory Card

Death, is inevitable.

One night on MSN with the beau...

Me: T.T

Beau: Why my dear?

My memory card corrupted....

Har? Got anything important inside or not?

Got. A lot.

What thing wor? You didn't back up?

Nope. Was thinking of slowly posting those photos onto the blog.

What photos?

My kap cai photos lor. Cute cute face and hot hot people with hunky body...


Still, those photos are like, so important to me. They gave me this kind of satisfaction after I secretly took those pictures. Sad... T.T

But after a few times inserting it back into the phone and trying to delete off those corrupted pictures, the memory card finally failed me. The last time I checked it in the phone, all the photos were gone. Had no choice but to format the card.




Punishment from God !!!

nicky05 said...

HAHAHAHAHA.....Tai ahhhh...XD

pikey said...

HA HA HA HA... the karma of your naughtiness, lols