Mar 17, 2010


I've always fancied Jonathan Cheng. I mean, GOD he's HOT!

But while I was watching the television just now, there's this advertisement showing Kevin Cheng, like, okay, WHOA! I've heard of Kevin Cheng a lot, I was told he's hot and all, but I'm not exactly a HK drama series follower you see, I watched some series, but I'm not really into finding out who those actors are and what nots, until just now. So THAT is Kevin Cheng.

But somehow, there's this nudge in my head. Like, erm, are Kevin Cheng and Jonathan Cheng somewhat related? Like, seriously, I think they have got some resemblance there.

Speaking of which, I saw Jonathan Cheng once in Plaza Damas while I was with the beau many weeks ago. Like, SUPER HOT!

And no, I didn't think he was with his boyfriend that time. It was some Malay dude. And he knew I was staring at him. But of course, no pic. HAHA.


108 Destiny Star said...

henry golding could easily make me drool over him but i never see him once out of the studio...
and few weeks ago while at mountain hill of stars,i saw edward cullen(as in clean shave) lookalike and i was holding a mag which his on the cover...was that my imaginary?
(from a person who wont reveal him till the right time)

nicky05 said...

Kevin Cheng doesnt look alike Jonathan Cheng (JC)......Kevin Cheng better good looking then JC....but one person look alike JC is Eric Tang ...:p

Evann said...

OMG my heart beats for Kevin Cheng!! ^_^