Mar 10, 2010

Valentine's Day

The Beau and I, we're not so much of a movie goers. I might've been quite a fan in the cinema 2 to 3 years ago when I was still in college and all, but ever since the work life kicked in, work loads started piling up, so I stopped going to the cinema. As for the beau, I guess he's not so much of a movie guy at all either. LOL. I mean, I haven't really asked him, maybe he used to date his previous partners to the movies, but as far as I've known him, we've only been to the cinema a dozen of times. Or so.

Neither of us are really particular about the genre of movies we're watching, as long as it's not horror movies for me, and nothing gory for the beau.

So the last movie that we watched together was Valentine's Day, because we were both attracted to the line of casts they put up in the movie.

Like, come on, who would resist Julia Roberts? And not forgeting they've added in McDreamy Patrick Dempsey and McSteamy Eric Dane! New Moon guy Taylor Lautner was there, Ashton Kutcher forevers cheer up the Beau, and and Jamie Foxx, and oooh the forever adorable Bradley Cooper!! Men aside, they've also lined up so many mega stars, Anne Hathaway, Jessica Alba, Jessica Biel, Queen Latifah, Jennifer Garner, even Taylor Swift played a role, although just a small one.

It was hilarious in some way. An interwining stories of dating people who breaks up, confided in a best friend who later become lovers, and colleagues who started to see what they never saw before, teenage puppy love and long lasting stupid people who makes love only to their partners... Totally loved the "Pretzels" part where Julia Roberts was flirting with Bradley Cooper in the plane. But the most heart-warming story amongst the many stories in the movie, I'd say would be that of Julia Roberts's. Not the part where she flirted with Bradley in the plane, but her flying 14 hours just to stay one night with the man of her life, her son.

The scene where she came into his room, and his son screaming "Mummy!" and they both hugged each other so tightly, my heart was almost squeezing out a tear...

It's another chick flick or some sort, not for the mega stars lovers like both me and the Beau. But once a while, I thought it's still nice to sit back and just relax, enjoying what little stuff happening in our daily lives could be heart-warming stories too.

Eric Dane isn't as hot as how I first saw him shirtless on Grey's Anatomy though. T.T But Taylor Lautner has got really HUGE arms! LOL.


the happy go lucky one said...

sounds sweet to me, mayb i should watch them in one of these days.

KenT said...

The part where she says "You're so big." totally made me sniff! A lil =p